Hi! I am a star wars fan & computer scientist from Turkey. I design and develop websites and applications. I am a passionate person who likes to learn, create, experience new things and I live my life around these facts.

Since I was a child, I devote myself to learn about computers, when I was studying Geophysical Engineering I learned some programming languages by myself and worked at digital agencies for almost 4 years. We made websites and applications for international companies such as Barilla, Fiat, Unilever etc.

After that I worked as a freelancer and studied Computer Science. When working for big clients I commit myself to get the job done. I was a full stack web developer and in case of need I designed websites, created content and attended meetings. I worked with digital agencies before I study computer science. So most of my work is outdated but here is the few live ones:

Studying computer science developed my perspective and I combined my work experience with my theoretical knowledge. I even appeared on a local tv to explain the topics; “What is Steam?” and “How Bitcoin works?”.

I have an Q&A portal about software and hardware called Bilgi Sayamiyorum which I wrote with asp.net in 2010. I made a new Django version with new features this year. My thesis was a recommendation engine that built in a social network and has an interventionist artificial intelligence which made with Ruby on Rails called MOVIE SMOKER. I learned that as a scientist I should always continue to expand my knowledge and find new ambitions and I will. Besides that, I’m writing fictional stories, learning new languages and cultures, taking some diverse classes from online course givers.

I want to create new applications, invent new technologies and explore new ways to do them, I will always improve myself and the institution that I work for. And I want to live on Mars someday.

Background Photo: "Pillars of Creation" is a photograph taken by the Hubble Space Telescope of elephant trunks of interstellar gas and dust in the Eagle Nebula, some 7,000 light years from Earth.